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massages a Madonna di Campiglio, trattamento hot stone

Trattamenti benessere a Madonna di Campiglio

vasca nuvola a Madonna di Campiglio

Ayurveda is a traditional medicine used in India since the 4th century BC. Ayurveda means consciousness (veda) of life (ayu) and helps to regenerate and activate your dormant energy levels.
Shirodara: free from negative tension.
Pinda sweda: frees your body and mind: a warm and relaxing massage with oils and natural herbs.
Abyhanga: a massage with warmed precious vegetable oils. Relaxes tension and reinforces the immune system.

Steam bath
With our “swedana” treatment you will be surrounded by beneficial warmth that purifies and frees the body of excess toxins. A vast choice of products allow you to personalize your treatment. The Garshan treatment is excellent for cellulite.
Muscle relaxing massage
Ideal to free the body of accumulated tension, relaxes and distend muscles.

Massage for tired legs
After a full day of skiing or a long excursion in the snow this is the perfect remedy to restore muscle tone or to regenerate your physique.

Massage  for couples
Complete body massage for couples. Ideal to share a relaxing moment with a loved one.

Hot stone massage
Massage using hot lava stones, increases the lymphatic circulation, relieves tension and acts as exfoliate for the skin.

Homeoenergetic massages
The homeoenergetic massage works in a harmonic manner directly on ions present in our cells, facilitating their oxygenation, the metabolism, the circulatory flow and microcirculation. It is also an efficient instrument to prevent the negative effects of ageing on the skin.

Sport massage
To get ready for a an intense sports activity such as skiing, this massage is ideal to prepare your muscles for top performance.

Ozone therapy
The emperor’s bath with an oxygen-rich hydro-massage will offer you a wellness bath thanks to the curative properties of the water from the Naturalist Park of Adamello Brenta . With a tepid massage your skin will be purified deep-down.

By stimulating certain key points on the sole of the foot it is possible to work on the organism intensively to stimulate its responsiveness.

Tri-facial lamp with fan: to offer a natural tan to augment the one from the mountain sun.
Full body with fan: ideal to obtain a uniform tan, to show off your newly reshaped body after our treatments.

Facial treatments
Our qualified staff will make your face radiate beauty with a vast range of treatments for the face: with spirulina, anti-age, hydrating, with grapes, with apples, with potato, time system (from 25 years and up) , of cyclanol. Personalized treatments are also available.

Homeoenergetic facial treatments

By activating the ions present in the skin cells it is possible to work deep down stimulating the microcirculation and obtain a rejuvenation of your skin.

The emotional tub “nuvola”
You are immersed in a warm embrace for any type of treatment: thermal mud (slimming, detoxifying, draining, anti-pain), mud from the Dead Sea (toning and adding minerals), algae (draining) grapes (hydrating, anti-age),apple (decongesting), wild berries (protecting the arteries), hay (detoxifying and anti-pain), milk and honey (nourishing, revitalising), garshan (anticellulite), Marrakesh,…