Take this rare opportunity to explore the beauty of bright stars in our astronomical observatory located on high mountains. The Carlo Magno Hotel Spa Resort offers this extraordinary experience, aided by a powerful astronomical observatory that will allow you to peer into the depths of the cosmos.

  • For novices and the curious, guided evenings and observations at the telescope with Dr. Matteo Maturi of the University of Heidelberg.
  • For experts, the observatory is equipped with a Ritchey-Créthien A&M RC400AS f/8 telescope on a Paramount-ME mounting and a CCD FLI ProLine-1001E for your observations. In addition, the observatory is also equipped with a sliding roof designed to accommodate your instruments with ease.
  • Not-to-be-missed offer “Astronomy Special” reserved for all those passionate about astronomy.
  • Conference rooms for meetings of amateur astronomers groups.


Guided Tours at the telescope

 l'osservatorio delle Dolomiti a Madonna di Campiglio
Dolomites Astronomical Observatory
Explore the universe with professional astronomers and powerful telescopes. The visits are suited for adults and kids.

Our guides will be: Matteo Maturi (Heidelberg University), Michele Cifalino (Piacenza Planetary), Paolo CIliegi (Bologna Astronomical Observatory), Eros Vanzella (National Institute for Astrophysics), Laura Schreiber (Bologna University).