Our history

The exact date of origin for Hotel Zeledria was lost in the beginning of the last century, when Madonna di Campiglio was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire and destination of choice for the Hapsburg aristocracy. It seems that the original hotel already existed in 1907, as is evidenced an written on a piece of wood found during the refurbishment in 1980: it was probably built as a refuge for workers of the neighbouring valleys that came here in search of wood and good pasture grounds. The Zeledria was then transformed into a locanda by Gregorio Alberti, a humble and capable resident of Val Rendena. In the course of history, the Zeledria witnessed many events: in the 1930’s it saw the passage of Prince Albert and the Italian hierarchy and in the 1940’s was occupied by German soldiers who, on their rooftop, organized an antiaircraft position with machine gun turret to intercept Allied bombers.

In 1942 the hotel was bought by Giovanni Sala, a businessman from Lombardy. He gave the impetus to winter tourism that was unknown until that time; in fact in 1947 the Zeledria was one of the first hotels to open for New Year’s eve. That same year, in 1947, more than 60 years ago, the Zeledria was bought by Vigilio Maturi, father of Franco, the current owner of the hotel. In the 1930’s Vigilio, a modest local knife sharpener, emigrated with his family to the United States to seek his fortune. In Detroit, through much hard work, Vigilio made his fortune opening a supermarket that was quite successful; however nostalgia drew Vigilio back to his homeland in the mountains where he decided to purchase Zeledria. The Maturi family has kept the hotel in their hands for decades, always keeping up to date with the times, yet true to their traditions, a belief that Franco Maturi held firmly, transforming the Zeledria to Hotel Carlo Magno Zeledria, a spa resort with deep roots to the territory.

Our grand-grandfather Carlo conducting the diligence between Campo Carlo Magno and the valley during the beginning of the '900.

Nonno Vigilio e il personale nel primo dopoguerra
Maturi Vigilio and collaborators right after the second world war after his return from the US.

Il personale con Franco Maturi nel 2005
And the history continues... Maturi Franco (in pale blue) with part of the collaborators in 2005.

Il Carlo Magno Hotel SPA & Resort a Madonna di Campiglio vi offre il cosmo con il suo osservatorio asrtonomico
After having introduced a private telephone line in the 1950, the wellness center in 2003, we now offer you the Cosmos with our own observatory.

Thanks to all 4 generations of guests who followed us in more then 100 years!!!